Summit 2023 Is Nearly Here!

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All week, my phone has been reminding me (via photo memories) of the amazing experience I had at PASS Summit 2017. This can mean only one thing - PASS Summit 2023 is less than two weeks away!

I’ve written a lot about Summit in the past and many of the posts I’ve written about getting ready are still applicable today, so go check those out too.

Content and Scheduling

As always PASS Summit is delivering a ton of amazing content - an embarrassment of riches! And the topics are getting more and more diverse every year. Which is excellent because in the coming year(s) I, like many data professionals, will be asked to work across a variety of tools and platforms and not just the handful we’ve been using for a decade or more.

Build your schedule now! Space is limited in each room and to ensure that you get a seat, you want to put each session on your Summit schedule. You will find several sessions in each timeslot that grab your attention. You can only pick one, but you can “favorite” others to keep them on your radar in case you change your mind.

Elsewhere During the Day

Don’t forget to visit the sponsors throughout the week and enter the raffles. Spend time there, talk to them - not only do these sponsors help make Summit possible, you’re likely also using their products. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak with them face to face.

After Hours

Yes, we’re at Summit to learn so we can grow professionally and benefit our employers. But take some time for yourself. There are some terrific community events, some of which are after-hours to take part in. There are also at least two on the official schedule - Games Night and Neil’s Annual Whisky Meetup. There are already several dozen people signed up for Games Night but the more we have, the better! Please make sure to officially put this on your schedule so that the organizers see the interest and maybe expand it for next year.

Where I’ll Be

I’ll be all over the place at Summit, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

All Week

I’ve signed up to be a Summit Volunteer so at various times I’ll be around the Convention Center helping out. Exactly what and where remains to be seen, just keep an eye out for me!


  • After getting downtown and checked into the hotel, I’ll check in at the Registration Desk and then hang out nearby to say hi to folks as they arrive.
  • SQL Photo Walk - No fancy cameras required, the best camera is the one you have with you (if you’d like to bring a fancy camera, by all means feel free). This is a great way to see the city and get some low-key social time in before the Welcome Reception. There is no separate first-timer’s networking event ahead of the Welcome Reception so there’s time in your schedule for this.
  • Welcome Reception. Because we always go to this.


  • SQLRun is tradition. Dark & early at 6 AM we’ll gather outside the Convention Center for a quick group photo, then head down Pike Street. But if you’re not a runner, don’t worry - anyone who wants to walk can join me for a stroll down to and then along the waterfront.
  • Lunchtime - Hopefully hosting a Birds of a Feather. TBD.
  • Games Night. See above. Games Night is a lot of fun (it better be, with a name like that) and a nice break from the bar scene.


  • Lunchtime - BoF lunch again, I hope
  • Dinner - TBD. I’ve got some ideas and will talk to some folks Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Neil’s Whisky Meetup


Friday is pretty up in the air, including dinner plans.

Travel Plans

I’ll be arriving in early afternoon on Tuesday, November 14th. if you’re flying through JFK on JetBlue, we’ll probably be on the same flight so keep an eye out for me. Once on the ground in Seattle, I catch the train and head downtown.

I’m taking the redeye home on Friday evening, and it’s an earlier flight than I’m used to so my timeline for dinner is kind of compressed. I may have to eat at the airport. Last year, security was very slow and I just barely made my flight, so I’m going to budget extra time here.

Stay Healthy!

Travel can really run down your immune system, so be prepared and take precautions. COVID is going to be looming forever, it seems. With the number of people who reported testing positive after last year’s event, I’m surprised I escaped without catching it.

I know some people will be masking and limiting close contact. I’ll have masks with me and wear them at times, especially if others request or I’ll be in close quarters for an extended time. Plus lots of hand sanitizer. Don’t put yourself in a situation you’re not comfortable with, and don’t make others feel uncomfortable.

What About SQLHat?

SQLHat might not be coming with me this year. I thought it was a definite “no” but at SQL Saturday Boston, I got a number of questions about its whereabouts so we’ll see.

I Can’t Wait!

Summit has really snuck up on me this year and I cannot wait to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in a year (or more!) and meet others face to face for the first time. It’s going to be an amazing week!