SQL Saturday

Every year, I spend the Sunday after SQL Saturday Rochester scanning & processing raffle tickets for our wonderful sponsors. Here’s how the system works: Attendees get tickets (one ticket per sponsor) with their name, the sponsors name, and a QR code on them The QR codes represents a URI, unique to the combination of event,…

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The Rochester, NY chapter of PASS is holding our 6th annual SQL Saturday on April 29th, 2017! As always, RIT is hosting our event on campus.

SQL Saturday is a free day of training centered on the Microsoft Data Platform. Volunteer speakers come from all over the country (and sometimes beyond) to share their knowledge with attendees. There are sessions available for professionals of all skill levels, whether you’re just starting to learn about databases or a seasoned veteran, in addition to valuable professional development guidance.
Why should you attend?

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Consider this the outtakes from my previous post about speaking at SQL Saturday. It took a while for me to build up the courage to finally get up in the front of a room at SQL Saturday. As I mentioned in my prior post, I did quite a bit of studying of other peoples’ sessions,…

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I’ll be presenting my session Easing into Scripting with Windows PowerShell this Saturday, May 16th at SQL Saturday Rochester. SQL Saturday is a free, all-day event for learning about SQL Server and related technologies, and networking with like-minded professionals in the region. In addition to speaking, I’ll be tweeting out live updates all day long and posting…

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