SQL New Blogger Challenge Digest – Week 4

This week marks the end of Ed Leighton-Dick’s New Blogger Challenge. It’s terrific seeing everyone sticking with the challenge all month and I’m looking forward to catching up with all the posts. Great job, everyone! Keep going!

@MtnDBA#SQLNewBlogger Week 4 – My 1st SQLSaturday session | DBA With Altitude
@Lance_LT“MongoDB is the WORST!” | Lance Tidwell the Silent DBA
@ceedubveeA Insider’s View of the Autism Spectrum: Autism and Information Technology: Big Data for Diagnosis
@JorrissA Podcast Is Born
@toddkleinhansA Tale of SQL Server Disk Space Trials and Tribulations | toddkleinhans.com
@arrowdriveAnders On SQL: First “real” job with SQL.
@arrowdriveAnders On SQL: Stupid Stuff I have done. 2/?. Sometimes even a dev server is not a good dev environment
@way0utwestApril Blogger Challenge 4–Filtered Index Limitations | Voice of the DBA
@ALevyInROCAre You Backing Everything Up? | The Rest is Just Code
@DesertIsleSQLAzure Data Lake: Why you might want one |
@EdDebugBIML is better even for simple packages | the.agilesql.club
@tpet1433Corruption – The Denmark of SQL Instances – Tim Peters
@eleightondickCreating a Self-Contained Multi-Subnet Test Environment, Part II – Adding a Domain Controller | The Data Files
@MattBatalonCreating an Azure SQL Database | Matt Batalon
@pshore73Database on the Move – Part I | Shore SQL
@pmpjrDo you wanna build a cluster?! | I have no idea what I’m doing
@DwainCSQLExcel in T-SQL Part 1 – HARMEAN, GEOMEAN and FREQUENCY | dwaincsql
@AalamRangiGotcha – SSIS ImportExport Wizard Can Kill Your Diagrams | SQL Erudition
@toddkleinhansHow Do Blind People Use SQL Server? | toddkleinhans.com
@DBAFromTheColdIn-Memory OLTP: Part 4 – Native Compilation | The DBA Who Came In From The Cold
@AaronBertrandIt’s a Harsh Reality – Listen Up – SQL Sentry Team Blog
@GuruArthurLooking back at April – Arthur Baan
@nocentinoMoving SQL Server data between filegroups – Part 2 – The implementation – Centino Systems Blog
@MyHumbleSQLTipsMy Humble SQL Tips: Tracking Query Plan Changes
@m82labsReduce SQL Agent Job Overlaps · m82labs
@fade2blackukRob Sewell on Twitter: “Instances and Ports with PowerShell http://t.co/kwN2KwVDOS”
@DwainCSQLRuminations on Writing Great T-SQL | dwaincsql
@sqlsanctumSecurity of PWDCOMPARE and SQL Hashing | SQL Sanctum
@PittfurgSQL Server Backup and Restores with PowerShell Part 1: Setting up – Port 1433
@cjsommerUsing PowerShell to Export SQL Data to CSV. How well does it perform? | cjsommer.com
@gorandalfUsing SSIS Lookup Transformation in ETL Packages | Gorandalf’s SQL Blog
@nicharshWords on Words: 5 Books That Will Improve Your Writing

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