FIRST Robotics Competition 2023 - World Championships!

Last week I wrote about our FRC team, asking for support in in the form of a cheering section. Today, I’m asking for more assistance for these amazing students.

Things went better than expected at the Finger Lakes Regional event and TAN[X] 3003 was part of the winning alliance. This means that we earned an invitation to the 2023 World Championships. You can watch all of our qualification and playoff matches via YouTube links on The Blue Alliance. They also appeared in a local news segment about the event.

It’s easy to say “once in a lifetime” about this sort of thing but it’s true. Out of thousands of teams around the world, only 650 make it to this event each year. TAN[X] 3003 last went to Worlds in 2013. Each student only gets their 4 years of high school to try for it. Our seniors have been waiting 4 years for this (and missed out on two years thanks to COVID). Our freshmen may never get this opportunity again.

I have had the privilege of working with some of these students since their participation in FIRST LEGO League in elementary school and middle school. Many of them I’ve just met in the last year or two at the high school (FRC) level. They are knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, technical, and have risen to every challenge these projects have thrown at them. When things break (something always breaks!) - they deal with it with the speed and agility of a NASCAR pit crew. When asked to play the game in the playoffs differently from how they play in the qualifications - they adapt and excel. Their excitement upon reaching the playoffs, then finals, then winning, was electrifying.

Please Consider a Donation

TAN[X] 3003 is a relatively small team and runs on a tight budget with just the two regional competitions each year. We now find ourselves in the position of needing to raise additional funds to offset the costs of hotel, transportation (for both students, mentors, and equipment), food, spare/replacement parts & materials, and the entry fee for competition itself. This adds up in a big hurry!

As an individual, you can make a tax-deductible donation online (Rochester Community Robotics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit). We also have corporate sponsorship information available if your company or employer is interested in supporting the team.

Any donation to help these amazing students get to Houston for this amazing experience is greatly appreciated.

TAN[X] 2023 Finger Lakes Regional Winners