PASS Summit 2019 in Photos

Andy Levy
I took a bunch of photos at and around Summit this year, including more selfies than in years past - I’m getting better about it! For a few more photos, check out my earlier Summit Photowalk post.

PASS Summit 2019 Photowalk

Andy Levy
This was my first year joining the Summit Photowalk organized by Jamie Wick (blog | twitter). I had a lot of fun - Seattle is full of great photo opportunities and it’s a pretty low-key way to hang out and chat with people in a smaller group. We started at the convention center, then walked down to Pike’s Market. From there it was on to the waterfront, then back up Seneca Street.

PASS Summit 2017 in Photos

Andy Levy
My favorite photos from Summit 2017. Click to enlarge & see more detail; once in the larger view, you can use the your arrow keys to cycle through. [gallery ids=“1445,1457,1424,1426,1453,1430,1449,1441,1458,1446,1436,1454,1427,1428,1443,1442,1432,1447,1438,1439,1425,1450,1455,1437,1429,1456,1451,1434,1448,1444,1452,1440,1431,1433,1435,1459”]