T-SQL Tuesday #124 - I'm a Query Store Newbie

Andy Levy
T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party hosted by a different community blogger each month, and this month Tracy Boggiano (blog | twitter) asks us to talk about Query Store, whether we’re using it or not. For this T-SQL Tuesday, write about your experience adopting Query Store, maybe something unique you have seen, or a how your configure you databases, or any customization you done around it, or a story about how it saved the day.

T-SQL Tuesday #123: Lifehacks to Make Your Day Easier

Andy Levy
This month, Jess Pomfret (blog | twitter) is trying to beat the winter motivation slump by exploring, and asking us to share, our lifehacks that make daily life a little easier. So here we are, the first Tuesday of February. I personally always find February to be the month where my motivation is a little low. I live in the northern hemisphere so it can be a pretty dreary winter month where it still feels like there is a long way to spring (I will say this January I moved from Ohio back to England and the distinct lack of piles of snow is helping this cause somewhat).

T-SQL Tuesday #122: Imposter Syndrome

Kicking off T-SQL Tuesday for 2020, Jon Shaulis (blog | twitter) challenges us to talk about imposter syndrome: I want to read your stories about when you’ve experienced, seen, or overcome imposter syndrome! Was there a job that you felt you were ill-prepared for? Did you make a mistake or did someone say something that made you question if you were a true data professional? Maybe there was a particular task you ran into that made you question your experience?

T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts Received This Year

Andy Levy
Closing out 2019’s T-SQL Tuesday, Mala (blog | twitter) is asking us to reflect on the past twelve months: This is a time for material gift giving, for many of us. It might also be a time to consider the many gifts we have received through the year, and perhaps use this opportunity to appreciate people or situations that we were blessed with. So my question would be – what are a few things would you consider as gifts, and why?

T-SQL Tuesday #119 - Changing Your Mind

Andy Levy
For T-SQL Tuesday this month, Alex Yates (blog | twitter) gives us this challenge: I would like you to write about something in your IT career that you have changed your mind about. What was your original opinion? Why did you believe that? What do you believe now? Why did you change your mind? You are welcome to discuss technical or non-technical topics. Feel free to go as deeply technical or as personal and human as you like.

T-SQL Tuesday #118 – Your Fantasy SQL Feature

Andy Levy
It’s early September, which means it’s time for T-SQL Tuesday! This month’s topic comes from Kevin Chant (blog | twitter). Our mission, should we choose to accept it (click the image to see the original invite): Recently I’ve had to submit suggestions to Microsoft about Azure DevOps and SQL Server. I will admit a couple of the suggestions had certainly been in my head for a while. In fact, I wish I had suggested them sooner.

T-SQL Tuesday #113 -A Database for the Great Outdoors

Andy Levy
This month’s T-SQL Tuesday comes from Todd Kleinhans (blog | twitter) who wants to know what we’re doing with databases outside of work. I’m curious- outside of work and learning, what do you personally use databases for? Tracking books you have, recipes, collections, etc? While it can be said using databases for personal use could be either overkill or a hammer in search of nails on the other hand, it is exactly what they are for- storing data.

T-SQL Tuesday #112 - The Cookie Jar

Andy Levy
This month’s T-SQL Tuesday comes from Shane O’Neill (blog | twitter). He starts us off with this: Dipping into the Cookie Jar is about when the going gets tough and you don’t think you can handle anymore, then you think back about your accomplishments and take some sustenance from them. You dip back into that cookie jar and use whatever energy that provides to keep going. So tell me about a time when you had an accomplishment that can keep you going.

T-SQL Tuesday #108 - Learning Tech Beyond SQL Server

Malathi Mahadevan (blog|twitter) is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, a monthly blog party for the SQL Server community. Malathi has asked us to: Pick one thing you want to learn that is not SQL Server. Write down ways and means to learn it and add it as another skill to your resume. If you are already learning it or know it – explain how you got there and how it has helped you.

T-SQL Tuesday #107 - Death March

Andy Levy
This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jeff Mlakar and he asks us to write about a project that went horribly wrong. My story isn’t really worthy of the name “death march” but it was a pretty rough project. The project started sometime in mid-2003. I was working as a web developer (Classic ASP) for an insurance company and they wanted to modernize the underwriting process with a web-based “workflow” application.